2018 Scholarship Policy

Please know that scholarships are limited. With very few exceptions, scholarship decisions are based on a combination of need and merit.

Therefore to be considered for any scholarship assistance (EXCEPT the Five (5) STERN FULL FELLOWSHIPS) by the Scholarship Committee, you must submit ALL required documents BEFORE YOUR LIVE AUDITION. IF you submitted A RECORDED AUDITION, we need to receive them ASAP, but no later than FEBRUARY 12 for ANY Applicant.

THE DEADLINE FOR SCHOLARSHIP MATERIALS HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO MONDAY, JANUARY 29 for anyone who has already done a LIVE AUDITION. All materials should be emailed or scanned to the secure office:

Please note that deposit deadlines stated in acceptance letters will not be extended if scholarship applications have not been completed. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship, please follow all the directions outlined above as soon as possible after submitting your application, BUT NO LATER THAN FEBRUARY 12.

1) Personal letter requesting scholarship. Please include any summer study grants available to you from your school or any other grants you have applied for.  Should you receive a grant from any institution of higher learning or non profit organization without disclosing this to SongFest when applying any SongFest scholarship funds will be rescinded.

CANADIAN SINGERS & PIANIST APPLICANTS: The Art Song Grant from Canada generously supports Canadian citizens for assistance to attend an ART SONG SUMMER FESTIVAL. SongFest is on the approved list and many singers and pianists have received financial aid in previous years. Please click to visit: ART SONG FOUNDATION OF CANADA

2) Parent AND Student Tax Return(s) (IRS Form 1040) or International Salary Documentation for 2016 in USD (equivalent to the US 1040 for your country) for the most recent tax year available. We require your parent(s) return even if you are not claimed as a dependent.

3) A copy of the FAFSA form (Federal application for student aid) if attending college (does not apply to international applicants).

All documents should be mailed, emailed, or scanned to our secure confidential office.
6369 Euclid Road   
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
Scanned or email:

Named Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of several donors and long-time supporters of SongFest, we are able to provide several merit fellowships and scholarships each year. You will automatically be considered for these awards at your audition.

Professional, Pianist, & Recital Fellowships

  • The Marc and Eva Stern Fellowship Program – This program has been generously underwritten by the Marc and Eva Stern Foundation. The 5 recipients of this award are chosen five auditions held nationwide. The audition panel will look for singers and pianists demonstrating a commitment for communication of the text, a strong radiant presence, and a unique sound. This scholarship covers full tuition, housing and meals.
  • Elizabeth and Michel Sorel Fellowship – awarded to an outstanding female singer or pianist in the Professional Program. Full tuition, housing and meals.
  • John Steele Ritter Scholarship – awarded to two collaborative pianists in the Professional Program. Partial tuition ($1200 each).

Studio & Young Artist Program Merit Scholarships

  • Colburn Fellowship – awarded to two outstanding singers in the  Young Artist program.
  • Schubert Fellowship awarded to two outstanding singers in the Studio program.


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SongFest Fellowship & Scholarship Opportunities

Worth the Investment and More

[SongFest is] beautifully tiered [with] full-program masterclasses, group-specific masterclasses, and private coachings and lessons. When you’re not at any of those, there are other classes to be at that are held in a variety of media, whether it’s in preparation for a themed concert or just for fun. When you’re not at a class, perhaps you’re at any of the plethora of concerts held here during the month, whether it’s a guest artist recital, a faculty artist recital, a CD release event, an alumni concert, or of course a student concert. When you’re not at any of those, perhaps you’re getting food at the Colburn Café, which is honestly such a great place to eat that it transcends what anyone’s expectations of a school cafeteria are - and it’s all included in the program cost. When you’re not doing any of that, perhaps you’re hanging out in your extremely spacious dorm suite and private single room with views of Walt Disney Concert Hall and the LA Opera building, where not only the students but all of the faculty are housed. When you find some free time, perhaps you and some friends decide to take an uber to Santa Monica beach or West Hollywood, or walk to an LA Opera production or either of the world-class art museums across the street. Sure, all of that sounds pretty great, but it doesn’t even take into account the best thing about the program: the people.

At the price point of this month-long program, which is actually less than a month of out-of-state tuition/room and board at CCM, one would expect a program with the kind of structure and perks listed above to have maybe fifteen really solid teachers and a few guest artists for the 103 singers and 19 pianists studying here. Instead, there are 27 faculty members and 11 guest artists encompassing big names like Thomas Hampson, Peter Sellars, Jake Heggie, John Musto, and Libby Larsen. Faculty members come from all of the most respected places - from Juilliard to Eastman to CCM to San Francisco Conservatory to Mannes to New England Conservatory to the University of Michigan and more. All of the students here are honestly baffled that Rosemary got all of these incredible people to be in the same place with each other. SongFest really must be the greatest gathering of vocal educators for the purpose of teaching in the country.
— 2016 Studio Artist Sam Krausz